Presented for your review is the latest text of our role-playing game.  For those of you who are familiar
with our game, welcome back.  You will find that we have made no real changes to the base system. The
Uniform Stunt Chart has been revised, with a slant toward increased character success. We have
renamed a few of the levels, updated some sections and hopefully improved the game’s overall
readability. Mostly we have expanded our listing of supernatural abilities. It’s largely the same game.
There’s just a bit more of it.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the game, Weird Detective Mystery Adventures is a modern
setting table top role-playing game, modeled after the fiction found in hero comic books, pulp fiction,
horror stories and various types of action movies.  (Please click on the What is This? listing below.) Our
intention is to simulate the fantastic abilities and trappings found in these sources. To this end, we have
disposed of the progressive development regimes of levels and classes found in many games of this
type. You play a hero who acts like a hero from the movies or comics or magazines or novels right from
the start.
We are getting set to release a new edition of the game, hopefully along with some supplemental
materials.  What you will find on the following web pages are the current rules for the game, which we
intend to keep updated as a sort of Living Edition.  The previous edition of our rules will also remain live
and online for as long as the nice people who host it keep it there. Our Living Edition will be posted on for the foreseeable future, however it may have its own domain eventually.

We intend to call the new print, ebook and POD editions the Streamlined Edition.   Our release
schedule for these materials will be posted on the Hil-Gle Wonderblog under the heading of HIL-GLE
What is This? A short explanation of what we are trying to do.

Basic Basics: A short form explanation of how the game works. For the most part, all the
average player of the game needs to know.  In this game, all the player needs to do is come
up with an idea for the character. The characters themselves are constructed by the game’s

Basic Character Dynamics: The characters are described by statistics. This section
provides an overview of how the characters measure up as fictional people.

Advanced Character Dynamics: Tips for judges who are looking for patterns within types
of fiction and how to translate various archetypes into game terms. Includes ten pre-made
historic comic book characters for the judge’s immediate use.

Supernatural Abilities Arsenal: How the abilities are defined in game terms.

Supernatural Abilities Index: Links to the various ability listings.

Game Mechanics: How to resolve chance elements and conflicts.

Campaign Mechanics: Staple plotlines and world building.

Weird Detective Mystery Adventures online Living Edition is produced by HIL-GLE Mind Rot Quality Creative
Newsstand Fiction Unit and is copyright 2019 by Mark Lax.  The website is based on the Weird Detective Mystery
Adventures role-playing game 1991 and 2007 editions. The copyright holder grants the user the right to use the
website, however not to copy or reproduce the content commercially.

And if all of this is a bit too much change for you to handle, OUR PREVIOUS EDITION is still