Speculative Fiction works by Mark Lax
Fashion Crimes of the Hyper-Casual
Our Bonus $2.00 Novel!
(If this were a Pulp Magazine.)
With a few more songs, it would be a Hindi Movie! A Detective Tale set in a Ghetto Splendid future,
wherein only the cars have cell phones. (Originally Published 1992)
Autdtraumagique  (Short Story)
A substance so powerful it can force clear thinking on the most muddled of minds. The hopelss quest
to find the right target.
(First time in web page form.)
Candy Corrected  (Short Story)
Lost Loves caught in the turmoil of Revolution. The best laid plans for reuniting come face to face with
new political realities.
A Shocker!
The Nightman  (Novella)
There may be a place for everything, but not everything is equally fond of its place. A tale of outsiders
and the rules they have chosen to enforce. A Fantasy Adventure.
Splotch Scrunch Cruelty-Shaped Cruelty (Short Story)
When the unforeseen and the arcane combine, the first order of business is disorder. To the rescue
comes a man who has been so certain and tidy, until now.
A Web Exclusive.
The Victory Lap    (Short Story)
Just Upper Management's review of a Front Line Employee who may have ventured a little too close to
his work.
Previously published 1994
Man And The Moon Maid  (Short Story)
A travelogue of where you go when you don't care if you are crazy anymore. A story that could happen
any place but the moon
. Previously published 1991.