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The Laughing
The Mysterious History of
Breezy Stories,
One of the Longest Running
Pulps of All Time.
This one has it all!
Divorce, Death, Fame,
Fortune, Folly and a
Murderous Miner’s Strike!
Does and Oats:
Western Romance Pulps.
Historical Setting Romance is
nothing new now.
In the pulps, there was one
setting that
could not be fenced in.
One of the few pulp-spawned
genres that stayed at home
on the printed magazine
page range.
Women In Crime
A not very nice
Canadian Pulp
Which delivered
Far less than what
Meets the eye.
There is another title of the same
name published by Skye which is
currently not covered in this
Under the Counter Pulps
Slingers, Zingers and Real
Under the Counter
Pulp Dynamics Revealed!
What did “under the
Really mean?
It’s not over until I say it’s over. Because I don’t know everything, your comments, criticisms and corrections
are always
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Entertainments of a bygone era often leave the modern observer utterly mystified. Even students of
history can become exasperated when attempting to reconstruct plausible explanations for a form’s now
vanished appeal.
Real Nazi Sex UFO Man-Eater Cults!
A History of 4th Wave Pulp Magazines
Few mediums are more typical of this syndrome than the post WWII pulp magazines, the jaw-dropping
bad taste of which has provoked more than one historian to make an immediate reflex grab for the
nearest bag of psycho-babble in hopes of producing a guess at understanding.  

Obviously, it’s counter-culture. Or it could be a resort to vulgarity, the last flailing for attention on the
part of a dying industry.
Previously the pulps had spent the better part of fifty years fanning out and creating all of the popular
genres of fiction. In this, their final move, they evolved a form of literature featuring an inerrant
monotone bleat of implied Nazi sex scenes and images of death at the hands of small woodland
creatures.  Add into this, the later pulps dotted their garish landscapes with UFOs and lesbian cannibals.
Far from being a death knell, these themes sustained the industry for the next forty years—nearly to the
What is obvious is that the themes worked. It was part of an overall revolution in the pulp magazines
which took place between the middle 1940s through the 1990s. As opposed to dying out, the pulps were
going through a new and mysterious boom.

The tale of the WEIRD  forces behind this last resurgence
—and its quite SUDDEN END—
is nearly as STARTLING  as the magazines themselves!
What FINALLY KILLED the pulps?

Find Out In:

Real Nazi Sex UFO Man-Eater Cults!
A History of 4th Wave Pulp Magazines.